Our Approach to Supervision

The journey to becoming licensed can be a stressful  and arduous one. It can also be very rewarding. Our skilled licensure supervisors can help you deal with the stressful and arduous so you can focus on the rewarding! We provide individual, triadic, and group supervision, in person and virtual, that meets the TN Board requirements for licensure. Based on your needs, progress, and career goals, we will develop an individualized plan that can not only help you reach your licensure goals but also prepare you for that independent practice career after licensure.

Our supervision approach is supportive and nonjudgmental. It focuses on building clinical and administrative skills, integrating knowledge of ethical/legal considerations, identifying professional development goals, meeting Tennessee licensure requirements, and identifying and pursuing career goals. We also build awareness of the career development as personal growth through cultivating awareness of self within the context of the counseling relationship.

Our ideal supervisee would be open and willing to learn new approaches, skills/techniques, and grow through challenging themselves to explore their strengths and growth areas.


Initial Consultation: Free
Individual: $75.00
Triadic: $65.00
Group: $50.00

Current Group Supervision Offerings

Book Club + Licensure Supervision!!!

This group may be for you if you: 1) enjoy reading 2) are looking for more knowledge about building your own counselor identity 3) want to know more about theoretical approaches to counseling and 4) are already in individual supervision. Each month, you will be asked to read a different book pertaining to a counseling approach on your own time. Then the supervision group will meet for 2-hours monthly – always on a Friday from 10-noon. At each meeting, we will discuss that month’s book selection, apply theory to practice with real client scenarios, and discuss how treatment planning would look from the perspective of that particular approach. This will be an engaging, interactive group with a lot of discussion! Currently, this group is only offered in-person and the meetings are held at 4623 Trousdale Dr., Nashville, TN 37204. Reach out to Aimee Isenberg, PhD, LPC/MHSP at isenberglpc@gmail.com for more information and to see if this group is a good fit for you! The fee for 2 hours group is $80.

Future Groups
Information coming soon – stay tuned!
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